What if I need to pick up my child early or late?

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The content that follows was originally published on the Rippleffect website at http://www.rippleffect.net/faqs/what-if-i-need-to-pick-up-my-child-early-or-late/

If your child will be missing a day of programming, please let us know. Because of fixed transportation schedules, we cannot provide transportation for students who arrive late or need to leave early. There are water taxis available for this purpose. Please call our office for more information. If Rippleffect arranges transportation at an alternative time, there will be a $45 charge.

We also do not provide supervision before or after the stated times for our programs. We would never leave a minor unsupervised if a parent is late for pickup, but if it happens multiple times we reserve the right to dismiss your child from the remainder of the program.

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