2012 Expedition Gear List

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The content that follows was originally published on the Rippleffect website at http://www.rippleffect.net/2012-expedition-gear-list/

We would like you to be prepared with gear that will keep you safe and comfortable on your adventure. All items on the list are important and should be brought to the program. Please let us know in advance if you cannot provide some of these items – we have a limited amount of equipment and clothing to loan out. Goodwill, Salvation Army and LL Bean are good places to purchase non-cotton clothing.

Please Bring:

1 Warm Wool Sweater or Polar Fleece
1 Warm Hat, Wool or Fleece
1 Nylon or Synthetic Swim Trunks or Bathing Suit (Quick Drying)
2 long sleeve shirts (preferably non-cotton)
1-2 Pairs of Pants (at least 1 pair that is Nylon or Synthetic)
3-4 Pairs of Socks (Synthetic, Wool, or Smartwool) and 1-2 pairs of liner socks (hiking trips only)
1-2 Pairs of Comfortable Shorts
1-2 Short sleeve shirts
Sleeping attire
Rain Gear – jacket and pants
Mid-weight jacket
2 Large Water Bottles (any clean, recycled soda bottle would work)
Sunscreen (sunlight reflects off the water – use SPF 30 or higher!)
Sunglasses with strap
Baseball Hat or Sun Hat
Water Shoes – close toed shoes only, please (Crocs work fine)
Hiking Boots (for hiking expeditions only)
1 pair of comfortable shoes for evenings – close toed shoes only, please
Any medications you will need for the duration of the program
If you wear glasses, please bring a strap
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Extra underwear
Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Pad
Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries
Camp bowl, spoon and insulated mug
Compactor or Trash Bags
Journal and pen

Optional Gear, but Helpful to Have:

Small dry bags and Large mesh bag for wet gear (for paddling expeditions)
Paddling gloves (for paddling expeditions)

The DO NOT Bring List:

Flip flops or open-toed shoes
Revealing clothing.
Any electronic equipment: video games, toys, cell phones, radios or iPods
Cigarettes, Alcohol or Drugs
Weapons: This includes knives or any sort of item that could be considered a weapon.

— Remember that you are responsible for carrying your own gear, so please pack only what you can carry. We suggest duffle bags, backpacks, or dry bags to hold your belongings.
— **PLEASE LIMIT YOUR COTTON CLOTHING! Cotton/jeans takes a very long time to dry and does not retain its warming properties when wet. Polyester, synthetics, nylon, fleece, and wool are all great options. Students can bring cotton clothing to change into at the end of the day.**

Click here to download a PDF version of the 2012 Expedition Gear List.